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                    Dj Muratt Mat is a world-renowned Turkish progressive, electro and psychedelic house music producer who has become notable for his captivating sound and audio engineering prowess. He is known for delivering mesmerizing live performances, as well as highly sought after remixes that capture the ears of every audience. His ear for masterful mixing techniques and utilization of vintage synth sounds has been appreciated by music lovers around the world, allowing him to gain popularity within numerous countries throughout Europe, Asia, and South America. Furthermore, musical connoisseurs recognize his releases as some of the most influential music of its time—a testament to his unmatched production talent.

                    Muratt Mat is a renowned Turkish aranger,dj and composer who has been crafting unique music for the past 15 years. His wide repertoire includes pieces ranging from classical to various traditional forms. After studying under notable virtuoso musicians such as Elnur Mikayilov, Muratt developed his signature soundscape, integrating various elements from both his studied genres and new sonic experimentation. He works with major composer both in Turkey and abroad, challenging himself through each piece he produces. He has produced music for a range of media outlets including film, television commercials, albums and also regularly collaborates with symphonic orchestras around the world on their projects.


            Dj Muratt Mat ve Şarkıcı Sevda B’s “Blink Light” is a high energy trap and EDM anthemic infused track. With its thrilling drops, booming 808s and reverberating basslines, it instantly grasps the listener’s attention. Despite its intensity, the track also combines melodic lyrics alongside classic orchestral instrumentation in order to create a unique and powerful song. Along with the electrifying beats from renowned producer Muratt Mat, this track is poised to become a fan favorite for any Dance or EDM enthusiast.


Mart 1, 2023
Muratt Mat x Elnur Mikayilov – Beyhude
Dj Muratt Mat and Elnur Mikayilov’s Beyhude Ethnic Müzik is a captivating fusion of , instrumental beats and traditional Azeri music. Both artists demonstrate their outstanding […]
Mart 1, 2023
Muratt Mat, Sevda B – Blink Light (Official Video)
Muratt Mat & Sevda B‘s “Blink Light” is a high energy trap and EDM anthemic infused track. With its thrilling drops, booming 808s and reverberating basslines, […]


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